Phase Two


research & outreach

The research phase starts with defining a list of target companies and titles from which to recruit.  The inventory of targets is further refined as it grows and as we gather additional referrals from the industry and insights from you.  Consistent, open communication drives this phase of the recruiting process.   

Our approach to outreach leverages our deep relationships within the industry, proprietary database, cutting edge social media strategies, and of course, traditional cold calling methodologies.  The key factor during this phase of the search process is persistence.  We employ a variety of contact formats and a follow-up schedule timed for maximum impact.  This tenacity pays huge dividends.  

This "behind the scenes" work is completely transparent and always available for you to view and collaborate through our Cloud-based client portal

During the interview phase, we employ the competency based questions that were previously defined with you.  We rigorously scrutinize the resume and the individual.  It is not about matching a resume with a job description.  It's about identifying the best possible fit in terms of personality, culture, and experience as well as understanding the candidate's motivations and concerns about making a career change.